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Pharmacy Services

Dispill Medication Packaging

- Safer, easier way to take medication

-Color-coded by time of day. Know just when to take   your medicine

-Detachable and Portable. Take your medicine on the go

-Simplier and easier than pill boxes

-Filled by pharmacists. Eliminates worry of mixing up medications


Refill synchrozination is emerging as a new, innovative service for retail pharmacy. The service coordinates all of the patient`s maintenance prescriptions to be refilled on the same day each month. The service provides patients the convenience of a single monthly pickup and the opportunity to discuss all of their medications at once. This program has the potential to significantly improve patient adherence and outcomes.

FlavorRx/Fill Master

Custom-flavored medicine. How cool is that? We eliminate medicine-time struggles by letting your child choose how medicine should taste! Bring your childs prescription in today and let us make magic happen!

Free Delivery

We strive to do what we can for our community. At Valley Wellness, we understand the need of our patients that are unable to come to the pharmacy and pick up their medications for one reason or another. Because of this, we offer free local delivery!

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