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Grandma El`s: Gentle Baby Shampoo

Grandma El`s: Gentle Baby Shampoo

SKU: 352248000039
This special shampoo provides a soft, creamy lather which caresses as it cleanses. 
•does NOT contain Parabens, Phthalates, or SLS 
•Controlled lather helps to keep suds from your baby's eyes. 
•Neutral pH of this exceptional formula prevents irritation and eye tearing
•Pediatrician recommended
•Prevent cradle cap.
•Contains no harsh soaps or alcohols
•Enriched with natural chamomile and aloe vera to bring skin soothing, hair softening, and scalp healing nutritive properties to the formulation
• Leaves your baby's hair soft, shiny, and smelling fresh and clean
•Formulated for sensitive skin
•Chamomile & Aloe Vera enriched

8 fl.oz. (236 ml)

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